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    Pamela Castillo Lagos

    Pamela Castillo Lagos is a Geologist from the University of Concepción. She holds a MSc and a PhD in Sciences, m/Geology, from the University of Chile.  Her doctoral thesis studied the biogeochemical interaction of the rock-soil-plant system applied to vineyards in central Chile.  She was the alternate director and principal investigator of the Project “Geological, mineralogical and geochemical influences of vine growing in Chile” co-financed by Corfo and I+D Vinos de Chile, which sought to show the influence of geology and soil geochemistry in different aspects of viticulture, in a range from a regional to a microscopic scale.  During this project she was a tutor and supported the development of undergraduate and Master of Sciences’ theses.  Her areas of interest and scientific specialization during her career have been: Environmental Geochemistry, Soil Sciences, Biogeochemistry and Geostatistic.