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    Organizing Committee for the 2021 IAGS

    The Symposium will be organized by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the Technical Committee (TC).

    The LOC is constituted by:

    Dr. Brian Townley, Associate Professor, Universidad de Chile.

    Vice President
    Dr. Joseline Tapia, Geological Sciences Department, Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile.


    Committee Members:



    Technical Committee:

    The Technical Committee (TC) is constituted by:

    President: Dr. Carmina Jorquera, Teck Resources Ltd.

    1) Exploration geochemistry: present and future challenges  

    Chair: Dr. Carmina Jorquera, Teck Resources Ltd.


    • Dr. Fernanda Alvarez, Universidad de Concepción
    • Dr. Martin Reich, Universidad de Chile
    • Dr. Alvaro Puig, Sociedad Geológica de Chile
    2) New field portable technologies: improving the analysis and turnaround times in exploration  

    Chair: Dr. Andrew Menzies, Bruker

    Members: Dr. Mauricio Belmar, SGS

    3) Big data: squeezing multi-element geochemical data by means of data science and self-learning techniques

    Chair: Dr. Alvaro Egaña, Universidad de Chile


    • Dr. Felipe Navarro, Universidad de Chile
    • Dr. Alejandro Ehrenfeld, Universidad de Chile
    4) Geochemistry applied to mineral characterization for geological, geometallurgical and resource modeling

    Chair: Dr. Brian Townley, Universidad de Chile


    • Dr. Mauricio Garrido, IMDEX Ltda.
    • MSc Fernando López, GeoAV
    • Dr. Jutta Hoppe, WSP Chile
    • Dr. Paula Ramírez, WSP Chile
    5) Environmental geochemistry: closing the gap for sustainable mining and development / Mine Tailing Revalorization (Unesco-IGCP682)

    Chair: Dr. Manuel Caraballo, Universidad de Chile


    • Dr. Linda Daniele, Universidad de Chile
    • Dr. Joseline Tapia, Universidad Santo Tomás
    • MSc Carolina Soto, WSP Chile
    • Dr. Javiera Mulet, Golder Associates
    6) Water and hydrogeochemistry: challenges in exploration, mining and sustainable development

    Chair: MSc Luciano Achurra, Amphos 21 Consulting Chile


    • Dr. Daniela Villablanca, WSP Chile
    • MSc Carolina Soto, WSP Chile
    • MSc Sofía López, ICASS
    7) Isotopic geochemistry: new uses in applied geochemistry

    Chair: Dr. Verónica Oliveros, Universidad de Concepción


    • Dr. Katja Deckart, Universidad de Chile
    • Dr. Ryan Mathur, Juniata College
    8) Linking geology geochemistry to viticulture and wine

    Chair: Dr. Pamela Castillo, Universidad de Chile


    • Dr. Marco Pfeiffer, Universidad de Chile
    • Dr. Ignacio Serra, Universidad de Concepción
    • Dr. Brian Townley, Universidad de Chile
    9) Analytical geochemistry technologies and quality assurance / quality control

    Chair: Dr. Cliff Stanley, Acadia University

    Dr. Ryan Mathur, Juniata College