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    Joseline Tapia



    Universidad Católica del Norte

    Dr. Joseline Tapia is an Associate Professor in the Geological Sciences Department of Universidad Católica del Norte, with over 10 years of research experience in environmental geochemistry. She received her dual PhD degree from the University of Chile and Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III), France, and currently leads a research project funded by the National Commission of Science and Technology (CONICYT) related to the creation of regional geochemical baselines in Chile. During her career, she has studied diverse areas in South America including the Altiplano of Oruro as well as northern, central, and southern Chile.

    During the last year alone, she was awarded Juveni Excellenti by the Geological Society of Chile and has published numerous research papers in distinct subject areas related to geology, environmental geochemistry, medical geology, and geology education in Chile. She is also directly involved in the effort to create new and improved accreditation standards for higher education of geology in Chile.