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    Workshop “Geology, mineralogy and geochemistry in viticulture”

    Friday November 6 and Saturday November 7, 2020

    Description: The concepts of Terroir and Denomination of Origin in viticulture and wine production make reference to various aspects of vine cultivation, climate and site, aspects that when combined can determine specificity of origin, hence provide uniqueness of product. Despite the previous, aspects such as geology, geomorphology, mineralogy, geochemistry, hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, among other site specific conditions, have seldom been used as specific Terroir or Denomination of Origin defining parameters, this most likely because the influence of these geological conditions on the cultivation of vine is unclear, much debate respect to the impacts of these on the quality of the final product. This two day work shop will introduce the participant into the basics of viticulture, oenology, and review the influences of geology and geomorphology, from site scale to regional scale, on vine growing, land evaluation and cultivation strategies. Specific case studies of central Chile will be presented, including vineyard study methodologies and protocols, results and conclusions, and applications to regional scale land evaluation techniques, based on viticultural, geological and climate conditions, integrated within a geographic information system (GIS) digital platform (VitisGeoClima).

    This workshop will be presented by geologists and geochemists Dr. Pamela Castillo and Dr. Brian Townley, and oenologist Dr. Ignacio Serra. This workshop is complementary with the post conference field trip “Geology and vineyards of Central Chile”.


    Friday November 6th

    • Introduction
      • Wine industry and concepts of Terroir and Denomination of Origin
      • Basic concepts of viticulture and oenology
      • Geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and wine: why does it matter
    • Climate and wine
      • Wine growing, grapevine cultivars and climate
      • Influences of climate on berry composition
    • Geology, geomorphology and hydrogeochemistry of vineyards
      • Geology and geomorphology of vineyards
      • Substrate and soil forming processes
      • Influence of substrate and soil on vine growth
      • Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of vineyards

    Saturday November 7th

    • Site dependent conditions and influences on grape berries and must
      • Influences of local geology and soil forming processes on root system
      • Influences of local hydrological conditions and resources in viticulture
      • Influences of local geology and geochemistry on chemistry of grape berries
      • Local vineyard soil-substrate variability and cultivation strategies
    • Viticulture, regional geology and climate
      • The VitisGeoClimate platform: a strategic tool for land selection
      • Specificity of wines, real or just romantic? The debate
    • Wine tasting
      • Time to put knowledge to the task


    Pamela Castillo, Brian Townley & Ignacio Serra