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    Fundamentals of Geochemical Exploration – a workshop

    Workshop outline:

    Exploration geochemistry programs have led to the discovery of many major mineral deposits across the world. This workshop will provide a general overview of the principles that drive the design of exploration geochemical surveys, from the processes that control the dispersion of elements to the factors that should be considered when selecting sampling media, analytical methods and data processing. Focus will be given to case studies, to provide context to survey design in some of the archetypal terrains such as the glaciated terrains of the northern hemisphere to the deeply weathered terrains of Australia and Africa and areas under various types of cover in areas such as the Andes.

    The short course is aimed at graduate geoscientists in the minerals exploration sector, senior students in geoscience programs, and others seeking a better understanding of current approaches to exploration geochemistry and the challenges posed by some geochemical landscapes and terrains. The workshop will provide an excellent introduction to the technical sessions of IAGS2020. Participants will have opportunity to work on short practical exercises.

    The short course is being presented by a team of highly experience exploration geochemists and AAG members, drawn from industry, government and academia whose geochemical experiences span projects on every continent.

    The AAG is offering the option for participants to complete assignment work after the workshop for which, if successfully completed, the AAG will issue a micro-credential.

    Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop along.