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    Dr. June Hill


    Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia

    June has a diverse background with both science and engineering degrees covering structural and metamorphic geology, plate tectonics, mathematics and statistics, machine learning and signal processing. June’s geological career is grounded in many years of field-based research in a wide range of geological environments. June uses her unusual combination of geological expertise and mathematical and statistical knowledge to solve challenging geological problems for the minerals exploration and mining industries. At CSIRO she is currently working on innovative methods for automation of geological interpretation of drill hole data. This research includes the development of the wavelet tessellation technique for multiscale analysis of drill hole data, with a focus on geochemical data. June is also a researcher in the MinEx Co-operative Research Centre in Australia. In this project she is working on methods for extracting structural style information from drill core photos and integrating structural information with geochemical data to aid mineral exploration.